Packing Up & Cleaning Out

This week I began packing my classroom materials up so they can be moved to another room over the summer. I've been inspired to cleanse my shelves of materials that I don't use or weren't very useful in the first place.

It is taking me forever! I keep feeling guilty for getting rid of  materials that I've barely used. I feel like I need to find it a good home or justify why I do not want it. I feel even worse about throwing away materials that I do not think any teachers should be using.

So why is it that this year I finally feel ready to get rid of this stuff? The flip side of the guilt is pride. I am proud of the growth I've made as a mathematics educator. I used to feel like my best lessons had to include an elaborate activity that I created with plastic Easter eggs, jumping frogs, or fancy magnetic drawing boards. Now I'd rather have a pile of two-sided counters, a ten frame and some great conversation. Don't get me wrong, I love bells and whistles, themes, and a little over the top drama in my classroom. I just do not think I need it like I once did. I am enough.

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