I Like Math Books and I Cannot Lie

The head of my department came to our meeting yesterday with an entire box full of math books to share with us. I was so excited! Like I was genuinely happy that she was bringing me books about math to read over my summer break. My colleagues even snapped this picture of me with Jo Boaler's What's Math Got to Do with It? because they know I am totally obsessed with Jo.

Reading these books affects me. Sometimes they make me question what I believe to be true. Sometimes they take me outside of the bubble that I live in and provide perspective. Sometimes they validate what I already believe to be true. No matter what, I feel like I am hearing from someone who is passionate about math which is inspiring in itself.

I'm not going to lie. Usually the books that I enjoy the most are the ones that include beliefs that are similar to my own. It is like eating a whole back of Cheetos and not gaining a pound. It makes me feel supported and like I am not alone in the math battles I face daily. I refer back to Mathematical Mindsets, Principles to Actions, and Becoming the Math Teacher You Wish You'd Had like old friends.

However, the books the I need to read and probably learn the most from are the books that do not follow my current beliefs and books that are written about environments I have not worked in. I am looking forward to reading Christopher Edmin's For White Folks Who Teach in the Hood and Jose Vilson's This is Not a Test. I do not expect to feel like I understand their experiences. I expect to grow.

I have an entire stack of math related books that I would love to read this summer. My challenge to myself is to read one or two non-math books this summer. What are you reading over the next couple of months? Any recommendations?

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